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Meetmequick Matrimonial Agency

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After your payment as a new member with us, we shall gather all necessary information about you and know your likes and dislikes . Then, we will send you five-to 10 of our matches depending of course upon the availability of registered members and we will fix an introduction date for you.
You will have 4 minutes to break the ice with the person of your choice. This event will happen at a place that we have chosen in advance for the date. You will be offered drinks and snacks. Each "date" lasts 4 minutes and gives you the chance to experience the likelihood of actually connecting with that person for a "real date".

The 4 minute conversation is set at our office that gives you the chance to get the "basics" on the person you are talking with. If you feel like wanting to see the person again, all you need to do is call us and give us your feedback. You should not give your surname, contact information or any phone numbers during the process. If you do so you will be disqualified and membership cancelled with no refund.
There are many mauritian ladies who are interested to meet foreigners. We are fully prepared to satisfy foreign singles too. Your sexual orientations and preferences will be strictly confidential.

Good news for elders, we are very concerned about singles from the age group 55-85 years old. We are planning to see what we can do to embellish your lonely time.
We also play a part in increasing your self image and self confidence for better communication among members and partners. Some people would like to meet new faces just to spend good times together; this is also one of our aims.

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