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#Dating Agency Is Popular For The Following Reasons:-

*Your chances to meet someone that matches your profile is more than 88%
*You have also a chance that the person you flash for also feel the same for you
*You do not have to wait for months or years to finally meet a person or to get a date
*It is easy and in minutes!

ein BildQuestion: How a dating works?

1. As a registered member you shall be able to see your matches' photos
2. Note the selected person main characteristics and details.
3. Consent to have a date with him/her
4. You shall be called for your date when all necessary arrangements are made.


ein BildQuestion : Who Is Eligible ?

Meetmequick Matrimonial Agency and Meetmequick.Ucoz.Com site targets Singles and Frauds are not allowed ! We do try our best to filter our members but you have the responsibility to go deeper if you want your man but please do not fall in love swiftly like a bull to the galore.
If you are fed up with being lonely while having dinner then it is time to change. 

ein BildQuestion : Why You Should Register?

You would be introduced to our members in a safe and comfortable environment without pressure and stress. It is a great and healthy way to meet. You will be helped if you are shy. It is risk free, your contact information remains secret throughout. Your chances of success is more than 88%. Our staff also help you being more enthusiasm, confident and goodlooking.

ein BildQuestion : How Much It Costs?

Well we are trying our best to make the cost of operation low and still offer a luxury service with no regrets. Non-Mauritians we charge only 300 $U.S with payment facilities and Rs.2500 for Mauritians + Rs.500 for the first date.

We are a licensed agency that operates with a staffed office and our phone number is +230 52921723. We would be glad to hear from you and give you all details regarding our services.

Registration fee can be renewed yearly. Satisfied clients do renew. Some of our members do find their lifetime partner within 3-6 months.

#For non- Mauritians, We charge U.S$300 for one year membership. The following services will be available when you make the payment:

1. We shall make necessary arrangements for you to establish contact with any lady/single groom from our database. Your first letter will be forwarded to and, if necessary, translated for her FREE OF CHARGE. Her response will be forwarded to you as soon as becomes available.
2. We make sure you receive an answer for your proposal from the woman of your choice .We guarantee full confidentiality of your correspondence.
3. We can take several photos of your matches, to scan them and send to you via e-mail.
4. Our Agency provides Phone calls to your matches if they want to talk with you.
5. Our agency do place advertisement in local media for registered members and the price varies according to size and media chosen.
6. Match making is the main task where your photos and profile will be suggested to interested candidates. Our price remains very affordable.
7. We can organize for you your first meeting in Mauritius with the lady or man , who has liked you.
8. Any other services you may ask would be excluded from the initial U.S $300
9. Your profile needs approval prior to registration- We reserve the right to reject a profile if it does not suit our conditions and ethics.
10. We may or not give payment facilities.

ein BildQuestion : What Would I Say Or Ask During A Dating Event?

During your date, You need to ask questions that help you make the decision, for examples:
# Where you're from?
# what you do for a living?
# What are your hobbies?
# what you think of religion? # what you look for in a woman or a guy?
# what you do when you' re off duty?
# Do you think you are too emotional or high tempered?
# Do you want children?
# Do you have time for to care for your family?

ein BildQuestion : Conducts That Are Prohibited ?

1- You should not ask for any contact information - Vous ne devez pas demander les coordonnées personnelles (nom de famille, numéro de téléphone, carte de visite, e-mail ou adresse).
2- You Should not ask the other person if she/he wish to see you-Vous ne devez pas demander à la personnes si elle souhaite vous revoir.
3- You need to be polite and well-mannered or else disqualified by staff and management. Your membership may be cancelled without refund -Vous devez rester courtois sous peine d'être exclu(e) du par un membre du Staff sans aucun remboursement.

ein BildQuestion : How Should I Dress Myself?

Smart- just like going to a real date. Women should not dress indecently better casual 

ein BildQuestion : How Many People And Security Measures ?

You, staff and your date only.

ein BildQuestion : How Do I Delete Or Modify My UID Profile From Website?

A UID profile can be removed and restored via Webtop.

1. How to remove a uID profile?

It can be done in your Webtop at Go to U -> Settings -> Profile settings. Select Remove. Any problem with profile

removal or editting, kindly send the us a message via contact form. 

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