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Love making is fun, pleasurable and sporty. All the taboos associated with sex should be now and forever erased in our minds or subconscious. We ‘ve been created to enjoy life and having a satisfying sexual relationship with your lover or husband depends on the following priorities:
  • Family Planning
  • Confidence and security
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Partner’s Preferences
  • Physiological Problems

The Fruit Of Love Making:

Before having an active sexual life you need to think seriously about methods available to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It is really astonishing that couples are still having sex without protection or any barriers to unwanted pregnancies. If you are interested or in the mood for sex make it clear to your partner- be frank and ask for safe sex if necessary. Talking about sex with lover will help you plan a good and safe sex. Feel free to communicate your sexual needs and "fantasmes”. Spontaneous sex could be dangerous and planned sex is what we need. Spontaneous sex is enjoying so is planned sex.


  • Natural family planning
  • Spermicide
  • Condoms
  • Sterilets-Intra uterine devices
  • Pills
  • Patch
  • Depo Provera- Contraceptive Injections
  • Morning after Pill- Emergency Contraceptive 

The Natural Method:


Safe and reliable birth control is necessary throughout a woman's life. The Natural way depends on your seriousness and self- discipline- You need to record your basal body temperature every morning. A slight increase in temperature could announce ovulation. But there are other causes that you should be conscious could make the mercury rises like for example an infection. Interrupted coitus or withdrawal method is not reliable. A woman who knows her body well and who manages her fertility is a real reassurance for her husband and lover.


Sexuality From Youtubes:


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Contraception Explained
Women Erotica: The Therapist Guide



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